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This portfolio has been developed on Bootstrap, a web framework that helps developers to work faster keeping responsiveness on their designs. I have also used Skeleton boilerplate, a light framework that is basically a 12-column grid with some style.

Some day this page will have a hexagonal grid based on Jesse Breneman's article. Also, will be the hub for my awesome projects, but by now it is a collection of links to articles i consider interesting.

If you want to unravel the mysteries of CSS grids, Rachel Andrew's 'Grid by example' is a must. Also, Codrops's Grid reference by Hui Jing Chen is a good start.

Smacss stands for Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS. It is an style approach for styling with CSS, it can be read online or you can download the book.

One of the pages I like to visit regularly is CSS-Tricks, a developer's blog that is kept up to date what happens in the industry. From time to time they come with great guides as this one about flexbox.